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Backpacker Accommodation Redcliffe

There’s lots to see & do around Redcliffe!

Free Parking on the beach at the Redcliffe Jetty

Backpacker Accommodation Redcliffe

Are you aΒ  backpacker touring the Redcliffe Peninsula on foot or by bicycle? There are plenty of hostels throughout the area that are designed specifically with backpackers in mind. When you are traveling light, you do not need a hotel or motel room. If you are traveling on a budget, a night in a hostel is the perfect option.


Meet like-minded backpackers in places like the Gonow Family Backpackers Hostel, City Backpackers HQ, Somewhere To Stay Backpackers Hostel, or Chill Backpackers Hostel to name a few. Hostels dot the landscape around Redcliffe Peninsula and provide backpackers with the essentials they need.