Visit Redcliffe QLD image of the out side of Autralians Steak Co Butcher shop

Australian Steak Co

Australian Steak Co


Visit Redcliffe QLD image of the out side of Autralians Steak Co Butcher shop

Australian Steak Co is the 1st Grab & Go Style Butcher in the Redcliffe Peninsula.

We offer premium steaks, whole primal cuts, low ‘n’ slow cuts. We ethically source all our meat products and offer a range of complementary products and BBQ goods sourced from Small Businesses across Australia. We are a local family owned small business and we actively try to get involved in the Redcliffe Community.

We founded Australian Steak Co back in 2020, we started a very small meat delivery service, we managed to grow exponentially and receive ongoing support from our loyal returning customers, family and friends. We (Brock and Maria) were taking all the orders and doing all the deliveries ourselves with our first son on board, big family job!

We were doing great for months but then, guess what? BOOM! Covid-19 Pandemic hit us hard and fast.

That was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, especially for Brock as this is his lifetime dream as a Butcher. We decided to move on as the time wasn’t right for us to continue pursuing our Australian Steak Co dream.

During the pandemic, we decided to return to Brock’s hometown in 2020, Redcliffe Peninsula, moved into a cottage house close to the beach, where we welcomed our second son into our family. It felt really good to be in such a beautiful town, Redcliffe became our paradise.

Since that time, we made a promise to ourselves, to keep Australian Steak Co in our future plans, we took all that time to focus on how we can come back better and stronger than ever, to learn and educate ourselves on how we can bring the best meat store experience to Redcliffe, how to become a local business that gives back to the community.

One day driving along Redcliffe CBD, there it was! A lovely little commercial space for lease. We fell in love with the space, the location and started daydreaming straight away, without even knowing if it was still available or if we would be able to get it.

Long story short, we got it! Thanks to Maria’s tenacity, she contacted the real estate agency straight away and got a viewing appointment the next day. It felt right, there it was, Australian Steak Co first store in our beloved local town, Redcliffe.

Once we signed the lease and got a date., our legs were shaking of excitement and fear to the magical unknown. Feeling that fear is good, is your body telling you that you are jumping into the unknown world of bigger possibilities.

We offer premium quality Steaks from the best Aussie farmers and producers as the core of our business, as well as whole cuts that provide excellent value to slice your own at home, Low N Slow Barbeque cuts like briskets, ribs and rump caps. We also do an amazing Grass-fed, preservative free mince here made out of whole heart smart, rumps- it is full flavoured and delicious. As we grow we plan to bring more variety of exciting products.



Experience the Best Steaks in Redcliffe: Australian Steak Co.




As the first Grab & Go Style Butcher in the Redcliffe Peninsula, we’ve set a new standard for quality and transparency when it comes to Australian meats

We believe in offering nothing but the finest. Our steaks are sourced from ethical and sustainable Australian farmers, ensuring every bite is a taste of excellence.

🌱 Ethical Sourcing: We are committed to responsible sourcing, supporting Aussie farmers, and offering transparency in every aspect of our business. Know where your food comes from.

🛒 Complementary Delights: Explore our range of handpicked complementary products and BBQ goods, sourced from small businesses across Australia.

🌟 Local Roots: We are proud Redcliffe locals, and our roots run deep in this community. We actively engage with and give back to the Redcliffe community because we are part of it.

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Our Story:

In 2020, we embarked on a small meat delivery venture, driven by our passion for exceptional steaks. Despite challenges, we persevered, thanks to the unwavering support of our loyal customers, friends, and family. When the pandemic hit, we took a temporary step back but never lost sight of our dream.

Fast forward to today, Australian Steak Co. is right here in Redcliffe, where it all began. Our little butcher shop is your go-to destination for premium steaks, whole cuts, low ‘n’ slow treasures, and much more. We’re thrilled to be back, and we can’t wait to share our passion for quality with you.


The Future Awaits:


Visit Redcliffe QLD image all types of Australian steaks stacked on top of each other

As we grow, our commitment to excellence remains.

Stay tuned for an expanding array of exciting products, all curated with the same dedication to quality and transparency that defines Australian Steak Co.

Experience the difference at Australian Steak Co. Let us guide you to the perfect steak, elevate your BBQ game, and be a part of our local story. We do a Weekly Newsletter with our selection and prices. You can subscribe on our website

Visit us today at 128 Sutton St Redcliffe QLD 4020

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